Solution Overview

Nothing to fear to work from anywhere

Remote work is the new normal, but network issues don't have to be! With VMware, enterprises can provide better connectivity and security, along with assured application performance.

Ensure Business Continuity from Home

VMware SD-WAN™ empowers your remote workforce and reduces disruption from packet loss or bandwidth congestion, ensuring business continuity and proactively preparing you for an ever-changing future.

The New Distributed Workforce

Work is no longer one place. The branch has evolved, and the “trusted perimeter” has dissolved. Both users and applications are everywhere—now more than ever. The new normal requires enterprises to provide secure and optimized access to the applications in the data center on-premises and cloud services for users at the branch, home, or anywhere to enable a productive, future-ready workforce.


Inefficient QoS Reduces Productivity

With more people using home networks for calls and video streaming, productivity is lost due to disruption, bandwidth congestion, or the inability to download large work files.

Lack of network visibility makes it difficult to manage

It’s hard for IT Ops to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot network or network security related concerns/challenges for remote workers and devices.

Unable to access applications securely

When VPN connections drop, network security drops. It becomes hard to protect users, data, apps, and networking when users, devices, and workloads are distributed.

Performance impact due to slow connectivity and long distances

Global-scale workloads can slow or disrupt connectivity. Losing connectivity brings down security, which can mean loss of access to applications.


Easy to provision, configure and deploy

Reduce deployment time from days to minutes. Configure and activate Edges without IT. Automation and policy-based management ease networking, security.



Deliver maximum flexibility, choice, and cloud scale

Software subscription-based cloud consumption model and competitive pricing. Offers flexible rollout for any size deployment to grow their WFA implementation.



Business Continuity for the Distributed Workforce

Remote users need secure app access anywhere without compromising performance. VMware SD-WAN reduces disruption from packet loss, jitter, bandwidth congestion.


Deliver Uncompromised Connectivity

Secure and optimize your network to work from anywhere and enjoy the best quality of experience and QoS for conference calls, video or downloading large files.




Secure Access

The Secure Access subscription provides an ideal software subscription-only offer for mobile users anywhere.


WFH Subscriptions provides the business user with secure access, optimized performance, and VMware Edge Network Intelligence™


The WFH Pro subscription includes the components of the WFH subscription with more supported devices and greater throughput.

VMware Products for Work from Home

Empower your employees’ WFA productivity with solutions for SD-WAN, SASE and the intelligent edge.


Ensure continuous network uptime and optimize connectivity to cloud-based resources and apps.

VMware Secure Access™

Combine VMware SD-WAN and VMware Workspace ONE capabilities to allow only trusted devices and users to access applications hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

VMware Edge Network Intelligence

Proactively manage client experience with AIOps for end user and IoT device performance, security, and self-healing in wireless and wired LAN, SD-WAN, and SASE.

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