Communication and Collaboration Challenges

Unpredictable Performance

The medium of choice, broadband internet, offers accessibility and cost benefits but is also more prone to performance degradation and security loopholes.


Security becomes a challenge when accessing cloud applications: traditional traffic backhauling adds extra latency to mission-critical communication workloads.

Mid and Last Mile Connectivity

Cloud application providers generally optimize the first mile, but mid and last mile performance remain the customer’s responsibility.

User Experience

Networks connecting users to their cloud applications play a pivotal role in determining the user experience, and ultimately user productivity.


Identification and Prioritization

Smart business policies categorize and prioritize real-time communication applications among over 3000 business workloads.

Link Conditioning

VMware DMPO provides real-time monitoring, dynamic steering of traffic, and link remediation on underlying single or multiple public WAN connections.

On-Ramp Access

Strategically deployed and highly available VMware SD-WAN Gateways offer close and secure traffic handoff to the closest “front doors” of cloud applications.


Integrated Security

Security goes hand-in-hand with VMWare SD-WAN, with options for on-end and cloud security based on customer use cases.

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