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Develop, launch, and manage a hybrid WAN solution that provides network services for your enterprise customers. Our over-the-top delivery model leverages providers’ network and wireline services.

Secure Network Overlay

VMware SD-WAN Edges and Gateways form a transport-independent secure overlay that operates across any combination of public or private circuits.

Scalable, Secure Cloud Network

Standards-based encryption for secure connectivity over any type of transport forms a secure network connection to the cloud or the data center.


Edge Service Delivery

It’s easy to deploy a rich set of services, including services from ecosystem partners and managed service offerings with dynamic services using NFV.


The Orchestrator centrally manages deployment, prioritizes business policies, provides real-time monitoring, and orchestrates data flow through the cloud network.

Service Provider SD-WAN Use Cases

Service Provider SD-WAN Use Cases

  1. Cloud On-Ramp
  2. Application Performance
  3. WAN Modernization

Cloud On-Ramp

The use case ensures that traffic destined for the cloud is broken out at the branch office and that it avoids backhaul to the data center, so that traffic is taking the best-performing path.


Application Performance

Ensures that traffic destined for hosted applications takes the best-performing and most reliable path and that applications are delivered with verifiable assured performance.

WAN Modernization

Allow service providers to leverage any type of circuit to deliver secure connectivity to the branch, to speed deployment and to provide sufficient bandwidth and reliability while managing costs.

Why Partner with VMware SD-WAN?

Built from the ground up to match complex technical and business requirements, VMware SD-WAN and SASE architecture allows service providers to deliver service seamlessly and quickly.

Global Presence

Supported by global logistics partners, end-to-end enablement services, and proven supply chain, VMware guarantees seamless go-to-market and deployment rollouts.

Deployment Templates

Based on our experience successfully launching multiple global service providers, we have created deployment templates for common telco use cases.

Sales Enablement

In addition to training, the VMware SD-WAN team works closely with the service provider to run joint opportunities, ensuring POC and negotiation success.

Proven Go-to-Market Models

VMware SD-WAN supports multiple go-to-market models for service providers, including over-the-top, hybrid, and full deployment.


Sales and technical self-paced training on the VMware SD-WAN Partner Portal, from effective selling to successful POCs to solution design and deployment.


Differentiating your offering in a competitive space is critical. VMware SD-WAN marketing helps with positioning, messaging, content, and campaigns.

MetTel consistently strives to provide flexible, secure, simplifying and cost saving solutions. VMware SD-WAN is highly compatible with our mission.
Marshall Aronow, CEO, MetTel

Why SD-WAN and SASE?

The rise in the use of applications in the cloud and software as a service drives the need for faster cloud access and better edge security.


Service providers must adapt network architectures as apps and data centers shift to the cloud, while still delivering reliability, performance, and security.


With VMware, service providers can quickly and easily develop, launch, and manage security that protects users and apps in the new work-from-anywhere world.

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