The Blockers

Customers demand an excellent product and an enjoyable experience online or in-store. The network plays a key role: poor connectivity becomes a roadblock to growth and innovation.
Fixed and Expensive Connectivity Graphic

Fixed and Expensive Connectivity

As cloud-delivered applications become more commonplace, the old approach of backhauling traffic to a data center is as inefficient as it is irrelevant.

Application and Data Protection Graphic

Application and Data Protection

While cloud-delivered applications offer a myriad of benefits, the delivery model multiplies the risk of cyber attacks and performance degradation.

Unpredictable Application Performance Graphic

Unpredictable Application Performance

Clouds optimize services through worldwide “front doors” – but if the path to the door is low quality, end user experience and app performance are diminished.

Complex IT Graphic

Complex IT

Accessing apps over fixed WAN connections or backhauling traffic to a data center is inefficient and burdens IT staff who otherwise could drive innovation.

What We Can Offer

Direct to Cloud

Direct to Cloud

VMware SD-WAN™ eliminates the need for inefficient backhauling of traffic to the data center. Unique to VMware SD-WAN are the strategically deployed and highly available VMware SD-WAN Gateways. These onramp cloud devices offer the closest hand off to major cloud application tenant locations without adding inefficiency of a network hairpin effect.

Quality of Experience

Quality of Experience

With a simple business policy framework, VMware SD-WAN Edges can be programmed to identify and prioritize mission-critical voice and video traffic among over 3,000 different applications. Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ (DMPO) decides how traffic is steered on a per-packet basis and remediates the degradation in link quality, improving performance and user experience.

Integrated Security

Integrated Security

Performance and security go hand-in-hand with VMware SD-WAN. End to end segmentation, secure access, stateful firewall, virtual network functions on the VMware SD-WAN Edge, secure gateways, and partner integrations are available for every use case to secure the payload.  

Branch Routing

Simplified Operations

With the zero-touch provisioned VMware SD-WAN Edge, customers can bring remote sites online in minutes. The VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator offers a single pane of glass for defining business policies, configuring thousands of Edges with a single click, and providing real-time insights into applications and network performance. VMware SD-WAN is ideal for temporary sites where the traditional WAN is hard to access.

You really have visibility of the network and uptime, you can drill down and troubleshoot. This has enabled us to go from being reactive to proactive.
Irvin Rhey Miclat, Manager of Information Systems Division, NCCC Group

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