Challenges with Single Links

Single line of failure graphic

Single line of failure

If a single link experiences poor network conditions, calls will drop and data will be lost.

Inefficient and Expensive Graphic

Inefficient and Expensive

Legacy backhaul Internet traffic to the data center travels over expensive and slow-to-provision links.

Lack of Bandwidth Graphic

Lack of Bandwidth

Limited bandwidth and inefficient routing lead to poor performance for cloud applications.

Long Lead Times Graphic

Long Lead Times

Private WAN links are slow to provision and difficult to configure.


High Availability

Use wired or wireless broadband Internet along with traditional MPLS to offload or as back up delivering always on connectivity for applications.


Compared to single-vendor MPLS, hybrid WAN offers up to 85 percent cost reduction and 30 to 90 times increase in bandwidth per dollar.

Enterprise-Grade Performance & Availability

Deep application recognition, dynamic traffic steering, path selection, and link condition analytics optimize your existing hybrid WAN links and bandwidth use.

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