Regulatory Compliance

Organizations need a cost-effective networking solution to adhere to PCI and HIPAA requirements, ensuring patient protection and medical record accessibility.


Business Continuity

Reliable, available networks enable efficient collaboration among healthcare providers, providing quick patient data access for ICU monitoring or emergencies.


Simplify Operations

Healthcare needs centralized management, cross-network policies for comprehensive visibility, and intelligent analytics to troubleshoot & remediate networks.


Inadequate Security

Supporting different security policies, segmenting traffic, and preventing security vulnerabilities from medical IoT devices reduces threats and attack surfaces.  


Application Assurance

Telehealth and virtual care apps need low latency, high-performance, and optimized connectivity to cloud apps and SaaS for optimal patient experiences.


Care at the Edge, Wherever That Might Be

This video describes how VMware SD-WAN and VMware Edge Network Intelligence provides secure, proactive network solutions to provide patients with care anywhere, anytime.


Healthcare Use Cases

Virtualized Applications

Clinicians increasingly turn to virtualized applications and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to easily access applications such as EPIC and electronic medical records (EMRs). VDI supports multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets, and it has robust security to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Practitioners are increasingly using VDI from remote and home offices. VDI requires levels of bandwidth that are not always available in clinics or remote offices. As a network overlay technology, SD-WAN solves this by combining the bandwidth of two or more connections, from MPLS to cellular. VDI greatly benefits from the intelligent application prioritization, routing, and bandwidth reservation that SD-WAN provides.


Remote and Mobile Clinics

Pop-up clinics can serve rural or underserved communities, or turn arenas into medical sites for disease testing and vaccination. However, despite the instant set up, each location must adhere to the same care requirements as primary care offices (such as being HIPAA compliant), and a reliable and secure network connection is needed. SD-WAN lets organizations turn up remote and mobile sites faster by using any connection type. It can quickly establish LTE connectivity and then migrate to broadband when that becomes available. SD-WAN ensures that VDI and unified communications work seamlessly for remote sites. It supports telemedicine and large image file transfers by reserving bandwidth and choosing the best link as well as providing remediation for link conditions.


Telehealth and Telemedicine

Telehealth uses video conferencing as a virtual connection point between a patient and a care provider. It also leverages cloud applications to deliver access to EMRs and the sharing of high-resolution medical images. As patient files and records shift to digital, organizations are increasingly using cloud-based storage and application delivery to enable care providers with access. Quality of service (QoS) is critical as dropped calls or jitter-heavy connections are detrimental to providing high-quality care. VMware Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ ensures the availability and performance of mission-critical applications, even with degraded network conditions or congestion.


Call Centers

Call centers are critical to physicians’ offices, medical clinics, chiropractors, dental offices, massage therapy institutes or any other of the wide range of businesses in the medical field. Because VoIP and unified communications (UCaaS) are the primary vehicles used by call center agents, call quality is of utmost importance in understanding the patients’ concerns and ensuring patient satisfaction. Jitter, latency, and packet loss can wreak havoc with voice calls and poor connections are detrimental to providing high-quality care. SD-WAN can sustain high-quality links even under degraded network conditions, so call center workers never miss a detail.


VMware SD-WAN is a godsend. I think as we consider remote work for our division this should be considered mandatory for optimal business performance.
Tim Swenson, Chief of Staff – Office of the Division Head, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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