Security Challenges in the Enterprise

It’s said that 50 percent of companies have been hit by malware. The other 50 percent just don’t know it yet.


Poor IT Visibility

A tangled combination of network management tools and security services, plus the rise of work on mobile devices, makes it harder for IT to spot security holes.


Larger Attack Surface

With more people using the Internet to work from anywhere, there’s greater opportunity for phishing, social engineering, credential theft, and other attacks.


Data Center Security Slows Cloud Traffic

For SaaS applications, backhauling traffic through the data center to apply security policies slows traffic and hampers user experience.


Benefits of SD-WAN Security

Cloud Networking and Security

VMware’s unique approach to SD-WAN includes 150+ PoPs around the world that serve as an on-ramp to SaaS and other cloud services.


Flexible Security Service Insertion

VMware SD-WAN service-chains traffic from branch to both cloud-based and enterprise regional hub services, with assured performance, security, and manageability.


Network Segmentation across LAN/WAN & On-Premises

Segmentation is centrally configured across the WAN and is globally enforced across branches, data center and clouds, simplifying the PCI audit process.


Global Footprint

Worldwide PoPs let us launch new networking and security services such as Secure Access, Cloud Web Security, and integrations with other security partners.


Security Ecosystem

Branches leverage consolidated security and network services, including those from partners including Zscaler, Websense, and Netskope.