Network Costs

Fixed MPLS bandwidth contracts, a large number of sites, and downward pressures on IT funds strains enterprise budgets.

Inflexible Networks

MPLS often isn’t scalable due to a combination of cost, multiyear price-negotiated contracts, strict SLAs, geographic availability and lengthy install lead times.

Anywhere Workforce

More people are working from home and anywhere, and using more bandwidth-heavy video and unified communications to communicate.

Increased Bandwidth Use

Employees often collaborate from remote locations, regularly sharing and downloading multi-GB files.

Benefits of SD-WAN


Links are automatically detected and bandwidth — real-time throughput, not a passive SLA — is measured, monitored, and used to optimize traffic steering services.



Enterprise-Grade Performance

Application performance is guaranteed through app-aware per-packet link steering/on-demand remediation for all traffic types including real-time voice and video.


Centralized Orchestration

Virtualization and automated configuration of business and security policies enable one-click, centrally controlled, automated traffic steering services.


Bandwidth Elasticity

Expand bandwidth economically by aggregating WAN circuits —any type, any provider — for less congestion and faster response even for single application flows.

Auto VPN Setup

Security policies defined on the Orchestrator trigger built-in, secure SD-WAN capabilities to establish VPNs where and when needed, over any transport link.