Distributed Workforce

Users work from anywhere—increasingly from locations you don’t own or control—and use myriad devices to access an ever-larger number of cloud-based applications.


Managing access, performance, and security to connect users to applications outside the enterprise perimeter is complex with traditional networking.


Applications are no longer limited to enterprise data centers. Traditional security approaches add a hairpin effect, resulting in application delivery latency.

User Experience

The benefits of cloud fall flat if users don’t get the desired experience to stay productive, no matter how they connect to their applications.

Benefits of SD-WAN

On-Ramp Access to Cloud

Strategically deployed and highly available VMware SD-WAN Gateways offer close and secure hand off to application tenant locations without hairpinning.

Enterprise-Grade Availability and Security

Traffic is secured by cloud services, including firewalling and encryption, without the need to backhaul traffic through the corporate data center.



Optimal Connectivity Everywhere

VMware DMPO provides real-time monitoring, dynamic traffic steering, and link remediation on the underlying single or multiple public WAN connections.



Single-Pane Visibility, Analytics and Control

Decoupled from the physical hardware and transport, policies can be applied to traffic flows for optimal application delivery.