Challenges for the building industry

Employee, contractor and third-party collaboration — all working on the same project — is difficult with limited IT resources, poor application performance, complex deployment options, and high carrier cost.

Limited bandwidth

Firms must transmit large files such as CAD drawings between offices, no matter where on earth they are located. Lack of efficient bandwidth limits productivity.

Pop-up and temporary sites

Construction sites or pop-up offices may be geographically remote and require fast, cost effective onboarding, with reliable connectivity.

Support for real-time applications

A network that can deliver secure 24/7 real-time communications is critical when it comes to collaborating and managing cost for remote projects.

Expensive WAN links

Traditional MPLS and private line connections are inflexible and expensive for an industry that needs flexibility and low costs.

IoT capabilities

Building Information Models, green buildings, and managing prefab construction components require intelligent networks to handle increasing IoT data.

Support Cloud

As more data lives in the cloud, organizations need a simple, secure on-ramp for optimal user experience and productivity, especially for remote projects.


Simplify WAN deployment with cloud

Deploy new, temporary or pop-up branches in minutes with zero-touch Edge with cloud activation and management. Automatic selection of cloud gateways for optimal connectivity to cloud and SaaS applications like Office 365, Building Information Modeling, etc. eliminates expensive backhauling of WAN traffic and poor application performance. Subscription based Network-as-a-Service eliminates upfront CAPEX costs.

Aggregate broadband, LTE links for remote sites

Increase bandwidth usage by aggregating multiple inexpensive broadband links including LTE 4G/5G and leased lines into a virtual, high bandwidth WAN to support critical applications, design and media data files access and collaboration like voice/video and virtual desktops. Enterprise-grade WAN provides dynamic application multi-path steering and on-demand link remediation for redundancy and application performance protection.

Centralized management, control, policy enforcement

Automatic, single click site-to-site VPN for secure branch-to-headquarters and direct branch-to-branch traffic. Monitor real-time status and health from the cloud console. Easy plug-and-play device installation and teardown at remote construction sites based on the job requirement.

Reliable VoIP and access to modeling applications is a huge win. We cut operational costs by 50% by avoiding trips to remote locations for IT reasons.
Joe Tan, Director of IT, Devcon Construction

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Solution Overview

The VMware SD-WAN for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction solution overview shows the benefits of cloud for remote sites.

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Devcon reduces branch CAPEX and OPEX costs while improving WAN reliability, performance for collaboration and modeling applications to remote branch users.