Cloud-First, Cloud-Native SD-WAN

Connectivity to the Edge

Much like connectivity to the cloud, applications at the edge will require a low-latency, secure, and resilient network infrastructure.

Compute at the Edge

Applications at the edge will require compute capabilities. Deploying can add to the operational burden while posing security risks. Enterprises should look for SD-WAN and SASE solutions that can host edge applications.

Intelligence about the Edge

An understanding of application performance at the edge requires AI-assisted tools given the large volume of endpoints and the increased number of workloads.

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Develop Your Edge Strategy
Simplifying and Securing Edge Deployments with VMware Edge Compute Stack

Discover how VMware Edge Compute Stack helps you to effectively deploy, secure, and manage distributed and hybrid resources in this insightful report by IDC.

Frost & Sullivan Analyzes Trends in Cloud, Edge Compute, and Distributed Apps

As edge computing gains traction, the business case for SASE is stronger than ever. Learn more in this F&S paper.

Product Capabilities
Product Capabilities
Globally Distributed SASE PoPs

VMware and its partners provide over 200 points of presence (PoPs) around the world to simplify connectivity to the Cloud and SaaS. The PoPs have direct paths to cloud and SaaS providers, for low-latency handoff without the need for IT to deploy SD-WAN resources in cloud provider networks.

AIOps and Self-Healing

Maintaining optimal user experience is important for employees. It is even more important for devices and endpoints that can’t self-report their issues. VMware Edge Network Intelligence – integrated into VMware SD-WAN and SASE – learns expected network behavior and reports on when, where and why problems are occurring in the network.

VMware Private Mobile Network

VMware Private Mobile Network empowers our partners to offer a private 5G or LTE service, integrated with VMware SD-WAN and SASE, to create an enterprise-friendly, managed private mobile network service to accelerate digital transformation.