Scale of Implementation

VMware SD-WAN™ delivers high-performance, reliable, and secure access for easy deployment and management across cloud or hybrid environments.

Small and Medium Deployments

These organizations want to use cloud services and access SaaS applications for day-to-day work. They may start small but expect to grow over time.

Enterprise Deployments

Enterprise customers need to scale and deploy a global solution to assure application performance for all employees with always-on network connectivity.



For the store of the future to be successful and profitable, retail businesses need to ensure that they have excellent connectivity and visibility of their network across their outlets, distribution centers, and resellers.

VMware SD-WAN assures application and network performance and provides end-to-end visibility between stores and outlets. Through a single point of management console, retail businesses can manage all IT operations.


The face of the healthcare industry is changing as various services are deployed through the cloud. Data storage—from patient details to healthcare operations—are moving to the cloud and services are becoming digital. There’s also a move towards telehealth. All of this requires a reliable, stable, and secure network with sufficient bandwidth to ensure delivery of large files across the network.

VMware SD-WAN provides secure, optimized connectivity for healthcare users anywhere, be it at the hospital or remote (clinical, non-clinical or home). VMware SD-WAN prioritizes mission-critical applications, automates troubleshooting, and administers web and network security—all while simplifying operations with a single, holistic solution.

Financial Services

Financial services are moving quickly to digital services. This process mandates that their IT infrastructure be secure, reliable, and always available. They must ensure uninterrupted network connectivity.

VMware SD-WAN and SASE delivers secure, reliable, always-on network connectivity to the financial services IT infrastructure. VMware SD-WAN ensures customers feel secure with their digital transactions without any fear of losing connectivity.

Construction and Engineering

Construction and engineering firms must manage multiple branch offices that support many sites. Responsibilities include ensuring the ability to share data between sites and supporting mission-critical applications while avoiding network connectivity issues. The process of managing all these operations is labor-intensive, time consuming, and expensive.

VMware SD-WAN delivers a unified management solution that ensures the availability of a reliable network to manage and troubleshoot issues across sites. VMware SD-WAN provides assurance for an always-on, reliable network with sufficient bandwidth to ensure application performance. VMware delivers a cost-effective and flexible solution that improves ROI by lowering CapEx and OpEx costs

Business Services

Companies are moving quickly to the cloud, but challenged by how to make the transition without sacrificing security and user experience. Many enterprises are saddled with legacy networks, and IT must manage complexity instead of having time to focus on strategic projects.

VMware SD-WAN and SASE provide a cloud-first approach, including strong cloud-based security, that speeds connections through a global network of PoPs. VMware Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ ensures application availability and performance, even with poor network conditions or congestion. Cloud-hosted management simplifies operations and uses AIOps to streamline troubleshooting and suggest remediation actions.

Use Cases

PCI Compliance

VMware SD-WAN is the first and only SD-WAN solution to offer PCI certification.

Hybrid WAN

VMware SD-WAN can support any transport protocol including MPLS, broadband, internet or LTE/5G.

Unified Communications

Ensure application availability and performance, even with degraded network conditions or congestion.

Work from Anywhere

Work from home, office, or anywhere and get secure access to applications on-premises and in the cloud.

Sprint determined that the VMware SD-WAN solution best aligned with Sprint’s focus on network agility, flexibility, and cloud services enablement.
Mike Fitz, Vice President, Sprint Global Wireline Business Unit

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