Complex & Expensive Deployment & Management

Traditional WAN is expensive and time-consuming to deploy and manage. IT management is complex due to single-function devices connecting via different WAN links.

Inconsistent and Unreliable Cloud Access

With no direct access to cloud resources from the branch, traffic is backhauled through the enterprise data center, resulting in latency and low performance.

Unpredictable Application Performance

Application traffic over Internet links lacks SLAs for predictable performance. Every change in app QoS requires manual changes across branches and data centers.

Compromised Security

Traditional WAN is an unencrypted VPN and requires security add-ons. Unsecured internet leaves the network open to intrusion and can result in data breaches.

More About SD-WAN vs WAN

SD-WAN Makes Branch Networks Better

Compared to traditional WAN deployment, SD-WAN enables enterprises to deploy wide area networks 100x faster with 3x the cost-savings. SD-WAN can be delivered prepackaged on economical x86 platforms, or virtually on existing router and server platforms.

Branch Networking & WAN Transport Modernization

Deliver a virtual network overlay with multiple links from different service providers to form a unified pool of bandwidth. SD-WAN provides superior performance and high availability for applications independent of the underlying transport links. Organizations can deploy branch sites in minutes with any available connection, enabling rapid scalability for the branch network.

Assured Application Performance

Ensure the availability of mission critical applications, even with degraded network conditions or congestion. SD-WAN combines deep application recognition, traffic prioritization, and shaping with the ability to measure network path performance. The software-defined solution steers traffic on a packet-by-packet basis to achieve the highest quality of experience for end users.


Enterprise-grade performance is assured even when traffic is going to cloud applications. With SD-WAN, organizations can confidently and economically interconnect with multiple cloud and SaaS providers through a direct, secure link to the cloud with no backhaul to the data center. SD-WAN automates interconnections and baselines connection performance via a centralized management platform.

Enhanced Network Security

SD-WAN creates a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud network independent of underlying transport links. Through a cloud security model that encompasses user identity, device posture, and network location, SD-WAN unifies network and application security policies for branch locations and remote users.