Branch Routers: A Thing of the Past?

With the mass adoption of cloud applications, services, and resources, routers and their architectures can’t adequately address enterprise deployments of the future.

Lack of Outage Protection and Link Remediation

Traffic fails over or is moved to an alternative path but lacks sub-second proactive steering to avoid loss of connections, flows, calls and sessions.

Multi-Source Inbound Quality of Service (QoS)

QoS Measurement is reported by transport channel and by method of communication, but cannot actively regulate traffic before congestion becomes an issue.

Complex Management

Routers are complex to install, upgrade, and maintain, requiring highly trained and expensive technicians to service them.

Unscalable and Costly

Expanding the network to new sites or adding services is both lengthy and limiting, requiring site-by-site configuration and high investment costs.

More About SD-WAN vs Branch Routers

Routing Functionality

Selecting the most appropriate path based on link health and business policies is dynamic using VMware SD-WAN Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ (DMPO), which can also remediate sub-par quality routes to mitigate application performance degradation.


Cost-Effective Scalability

Eliminate high-cost hardware and capital expenses by shifting to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model with SD-WAN. SD-WAN enables a pay-as-you-grow subscription model for cost efficiency and rapid scalability. Securely scale to tens of thousands of branches and cloud services, interoperate with existing infrastructure, and troubleshoot problems remotely without costly truck rolls.


Network Security

With built-in firewall capabilities and scalable site to site security, simply define business and security policies, identify network and WAN segments, and let the intelligence of SD-WAN and an ecosystem of cloud security providers protect your data, your business, and your network.

Ease of Management

Enable new services or update network policies regionally or worldwide with a simple click (no CLI) in the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator and propagate changes throughout the entire network immediately. Eliminate the need to configure or manage each site, device, or user individually.