Hybrid WAN Challenges

Organizations want to access the cloud directly from the branch office, and they need hybrid WAN, but making it work effectively has a few challenges.

Poor Performance

Limited bandwidth and inefficient routing lead to poor performance for cloud applications.

Inefficient and expensive

Legacy WANs backhaul Internet traffic to the data center over expensive and slow-to-provision links.

Lack of Bandwidth

Legacy private lines lack the necessary bandwidth for accessing applications in the cloud.

Traditional circuits have long lead times

Private WAN links are slow to provision and difficult to configure.

More About Hybrid WAN

Go Direct to the Cloud

Hybrid WAN using Internet breakout at the branch office gives organizations a direct connection to the cloud, avoiding backhauling to the data center over private WAN links. A mix of public Internet with private circuits for enterprise WAN transport gives organizations more network uptime while cutting the costs of the traditional, MPLS-driven WAN.

Enterprise-Grade Performance

SD-WAN enables the use of dual links using any connection type. Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ technology brings enterprise-grade performance and availability, as well as visibility and control, to commodity broadband Internet connections.

Rapid Branch Deployment

SD-WAN delivers optimization, along with all other network services, in a single VMware SD-WAN Edge appliance at the branch. Virtualized services remotely provisioned to this Edge simplify and speed up network services deployment versus using a stack of hardware appliances.

Cost-Effective Delivery Model

Distributed cloud gateways—as a service—ensure an optimum path to the cloud. This distributed network scales automatically and provides redundancy to ensure performance and reliability.

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Branch Office

SD-WAN provides seamless branch office connectivity to any number of network edges, interconnected by a virtual network, orchestrated from a single point.


Network Edge

The edge—branch, cloud, data center, mobile, IoT—is transforming with ubiquitous compute power, autonomous decision making, sensor data and control.

Security Services

Segmentation in the data center and extended over the WAN enables a comprehensive, zero-trust model for applications.


Cloud-First Approach

SD-WAN delivers increased network agility and cost reduction for organizations embracing the cloud.