The Challenges for Enterprise IT

To support the shift to an anywhere workforce, organizations need to adopt cloud, embrace mobility, and deliver a superior user experience—all while protecting their users and business against emerging security threats.

Inefficient Cloud/SaaS Access

Legacy network architectures for branch and remote access are inefficient for hybrid multi-cloud and SaaS


Poor Application Quality

Unreliable or inconsistent application delivery to the end user’s desktop, along with limited analytics capabilities

Compromised Security

Incoherent security for branch and remote worker scenarios creates risk of security breaches or data loss


Operational Complexity & Expenses

Operations and support complexities of separate networking and security solutions increases costs and slows problem resolution

Conduct SASE at Scale

Download this infographic to learn how SASE operates like sections of an orchestra that combines network and security services into one cloud-delivered symphony.

Bringing Together Cloud Networking & Cloud Security

VMware SASE Platform™ provides secure, reliable, and optimized access to traditional and new applications for mobile clients, branches, and campuses with a single, holistic solution.

More About SASE Benefits

Cloud First

  • Direct cloud access via gateway as-a-service through 150+ global VMware SD-WAN Gateways
  • Manage and automate multi-cloud on-ramp & IaaS interconnect to AWS, Azure, GCP, and more
  • Sequence third-party compute, security, analytics services seamlessly to integrate with existing vendors
  • Enable global network operators to effectively deliver SD-WAN as a service with multitenant architecture with multi-tier orchestration

Intrinsic Security

  • Flexible security options at branch edge, data center, and in the cloud
  • SASE platform that contains ZTNA, SWG, and CASB functions
  • Unifies secure access experience for mobile clients, branches, and campuses by using the proven VMware Workspace ONE technology with tens of millions of endpoints
  • Streamlined certification and compliance process: VMware SD-WAN is PCI DSS 3.2 certified

Application Quality Assurance

  • Application prioritization based on business policies with flexible options, either pre-defined standardized or customizable policies
  • Continuous link monitoring sets foundation for automation and optimization
  • On-demand remediation, including per-packet steering
  • Comparable application performance benchmarking uses AI to identify root cause and solutions to network issues

Operational Simplicity and ROI

  • Alleviate installation, deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting challenges through automation
  • Cloud-hosted management platform that centralizes policy creation, distribution, and control
  • Global end-to-end network and application performance visibility
  • Advanced AI/ML-based analytics & AIOps across branch, LAN/Wi-Fi, WAN, and data center with VMware Edge Network Intelligence for problem isolation and actionable remediation


Learn More About SASE

Watch these videos to learn more about VMware SASE leadership


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Conduct SASE at Scale


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