Learn how SD-WAN can enable your healthcare organization.


In this webinar we will cover how the demands to deliver higher quality of services, in less time and with lower costs to all locations in the network are pervasive in the healthcare industry. We will discuss how organizations are responding by deploying new applications (on-prem and cloud based), innovative technologies that require connectivity and the need for agility as organizations grow organically or inorganically.

We will also discuss some of the challenges that often hold back this innovation and patient care when trying to connect to applications located in centralized data centers or cloud locations, especially from urgent care centers or satellite offices in rural locations.

Lastly, we will review how SD-WAN solutions can provide requisite connectivity to unlock innovation, increase agility and productivity and improve customer care/experience to even the more remote locations. This will include sharing examples of organizations that have transitioned to SD-WAN solutions and achieved real benefits.

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