How SD-WAN enables the evolution in healthcare

Health system CIOs have had to rethink how to continue delivering care to those suffering from COVID-19 and the millions battling other serious illness and disease. Prior to the pandemic, care delivery already posed challenges to expanding, heterogeneous healthcare organizations. Points of care delivery are diverse. Different care specialties require different technology infrastructures. As the home itself becomes a point of continuous care delivery through active and passive remote monitoring technologies, a consistent patient experience and reliable, high-quality connectivity are critical.

In this forum, CIOs will discuss the specific challenges they’ve faced (like policy and care at the edge hurdles) and what they anticipate next steps to be. This webinar is a unique opportunity to learn firsthand as CIOs, policy experts, and technologists explore the evolving adoption of value-based care and enabling technologies like telehealth, and how their various elements come together.

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