I can’t believe how low OPEX is now. We easily and affordably got everything we needed to fix our network issues and utilized our existing WAN system.
Dave Edwards, Director of IT, Triton

Useful Information in the Hour of Need

No one anticipates that they will need a professional bail bondsmen, ever. But with an unexpected incident, defendants and their families can find themselves up against a financial challenge and in need of an experienced bail bondsmen. With Triton’s 60+ stores, with over 640 employees across 6 states (CA, WA, ID. UT, NV and NM) and 20 years of bail bond experience, defendants and their families get the solid, useful and trusted information and experience they need most.

Triton Retail Network Challenges

A handful of IT personnel were responsible for supporting 60+ retail offices (stores, claims and investigation offices) with different primary business and homegrown applications supported by a fractured (hub and spoke) network system made up of MPLS/T1 and DSL links. Between some stores needing to rely on a critical recording system and others needing private line performance for business or other applications was challenged by demands on a small IT staff and a network that too often had to rely on the broadband connectivity. Not all could be met without great investment of time and money.

With a lean 6-person IT team serving 60+ retail outlets and near-zero visibility into the network, providing the kind of performance we need for services such as critical VoIP call recordings became a monumental challenge. With the VMware SD-WAN solution most of our challenges from network visibility to performance to troubleshooting went away instantly.
Dave Edwards, Director of IT, Triton

Monitoring and Troubleshooting a Challenge

With separate lines of business, claims and investigation, on separate networks and with some applications in the cloud and a few coming from the data center, made performance monitoring and trouble shooting a monumental challenge. In fact when one network went down the other one could not be taken advantage of even though it was still running. Plus, none of the branches terminated to any data center and all went directly to the Internet. Triton’s applications were all hosted in one location and co-located with red IP.

Performance Assurance for a Critical Application

One of the biggest challenges with an intermittently reliable network was when a defendant was calling from jail to Aladdin Bonds (a division of Triton) and the call needed to be reliably recorded; not always possible with a challenged network. Plus given Triton has a number of retail stores these stores are require to be compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI 3.0) at point-of-sale.

VMware SD-WAN to Help with Disparate Network Requirements

Dave Edwards, Director of IT and Carsel Bester, Network Analyst at Triton Management Services were looking for a solution that could utilize both private network links that they had available. At the time Triton was shopping for a better WAN solution one of their ISPs latency was terrible. Carsel evaluated Barracuda, Cisco-Meraki and Fortinet. However, VMware SD-WAN was competitive winning over the other solutions based on price (subscription-based) and performance and the fact it provided a hybrid WAN solution that could utilize not only their two MPLS private links but also ATT-U-Verse with cable, or any of their broadband DSL links they had. In addition, one VMware SD-WAN box replaced a Cisco 5510 ASA, a NetGear router and other multiple boxes.

VMware SD-WAN provided Triton with a SD-WAN solution that significantly mitigated or eliminated their latency issues, moving active backup to active-active combining both DSL and MPLS for use. With VMware SD-WAN, Triton went from near-zero to near-100% network visibility affording their IT team with 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting abilities across all 60+ stores; regardless of IT staff being on-premise. Lastly, for their retail stores, point-of-sale traffic was now able to comply with PCI 3.0 standards easily.

VMware SD-WAN, the only complete cloud-delivered WAN that delivers virtualized services to branch locations and mobile users everywhere with enterprise-class performance, visibility, and control. The VMware SD-WAN solution can be delivered over the public Internet and private networks for superior flexibility and management.

Company Profile

Industry: Bail Bonds Services Industry

Headquarters: Carlsbad, CA

Company Size: 60+ retail outlets (stores, claims and investigations); 640+ employees in California, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico


Triton has a distributed WAN network with large branches hosting applications and connected with disparate WAN links comprising of T1/MPLS, DSL, etc. Majority of the WAN links suffered from network issues like latency and packet loss and lacked network visibility to monitor the health of the network. Problems were compounded by the need for PCI 3.0 compliance at majority of the stores.


A VMware SD-WAN solution augmented a fractured network infrastructure with cloud-delivered, enterprise-class WAN that can intelligently use multiple DSL and MPLS/T1 links to provide assured performance.


Triton chose VMware SD-WAN to replace Cisco and Netgear solution for an enterprise-class SD-WAN solution to improve application performance particularly of VoIP traffic, gain network visibility and meet PCI 3.0 audit requirements while reducing overall branch network costs by over 50%.

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