The Tolly Group puts VMware SD-WAN to the test

SD-WAN is flexible and easy to use, making it extraordinarily popular as the “next-gen” WAN for organizations of any size. It’s a great choice for enterprise employees working from any location, who need optimized connectivity and easy access to their applications.

VMware and Intel commissioned the Tolly Group to benchmark quality of service and remediation capabilities of VMware SD-WAN™ to improve end user experience for VoIP and work-from-anywhere applications using a dual WAN link deployment.

The results? VMware SD-WAN delivered good user experiences even with 15% packet loss on a single link. Using Dynamic Multipath Optimization™, VMware SD-WAN delivered excellent voice quality scores despite 20 ms of jitter and 150 ms of latency introduced during testing. Intel developer tools also help optimize SD-WAN packet processing, speed and encryption.

Watch this two-minute webinar for a quick take on the results from Kevin Tolly, founder of the Tolly Group.