[Edge Network Intelligence] has a lot of value. I see it as an essential operational tool.
Anupam Singh, Director, Network/ Communications, Suffolk University

Suffolk University is a private academic institution in the heart of downtown Boston. With students from 108 countries and 40,000 unique devices on the school network each month over 1,200 access points, the school’s network is constantly tested. If new hardware or drivers cause a network problem, several tools are needed to discover the cause—but they only show limited information. VMware Edge Network IntelligenceTM (formerly Nyansa Voyance) takes trending information and uses it to get to root causes, and even offers solutions. It provides a clear picture of what’s really going on in the network.

Business Needs

  • Traditional network monitoring tools provided only siloed information
  • IT used different tools for different kinds of problems, but none gave the university a single, comprehensive network overview
  • No way to see trends or predict future problems


  • IT can see every client that is connected and every application that is running on the network
  • Panoramic network view identifies baselines, trends, and problems, and suggests the best way to solve those problems
  • Suffolk University benefits from cloud solution that can learn from one network and share insights from anonymized data across many networks

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About Suffolk University

Industry: Education

Headquarters: Boston, MA

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