Practical advice for implementing your SASE environment

Adopting a SASE framework, while not a trivial task, is one well within the capabilities of any business. Proper planning is required to understand both individual business requirements and technical solution capabilities. This document explains the steps enterprises need to take to ensure a successful SASE rollout, including what IT teams should do to prepare for SASE, and looking at how Day O through Day N 1 operations will change.

This white paper is part of a series adapted and updated from the book Journey into the World of SASE, by VMware technical product managers Rohan Naggi and Ferdinand Sales (VMware Press, April 2021). We’ve broken the book into shorter, easier-to-consume papers. Whether you read individual papers or the whole book, the goal is to help you understand your company’s journey to SASE: why SASE is important, how it works, and what you need to know to implement it successfully.

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