Learn why SD-WAN is ideal for retailers in 2020 and beyond

In the wake of the challenges of 2020 and changing customer behaviors, retailers are reimagining what technology can do meet these changes and turning their attention to taking their customer experience to the next level. They are striving to offer a simple and seamless digital experience — from browsing to researching, selecting, purchasing, and returning/exchanging. They have to make sure their sites are mobile-responsive, offer integrated services such as “buy online pick up in store” (BOPIS), and deliver a consistent, reliable digital experience across devices and channels. To keep thriving in this highly competitive industry, retailers are embracing cloud computing, improved efficiency, and simplified workflows, all with eye toward delivering an exceptional end-user experience.

The retail sector is in a prime position to modernize their existing network and security infrastructure in order to reap the benefits offered by the cloud. Retailers need an agile and efficient network that can enable increased employee productivity and at the same time deliver a superior customer experience.

Join VMware and Hughes in this webinar and learn how we can help you design, build and deploy an intelligent, highly secure and automated network. We will discuss how SD-WAN and cloud-delivered security paves the path to a comprehensive SASE architecture.

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