SD-WAN is the right prescription for healthcare providers.

The healthcare industry is evolving at a rapid pace from both technology and business perspectives. New technologies are dramatically improving healthcare, from diagnostic imaging and scanning tools to the digitization of medical records. From the business side, the industry continues to consolidate, with metropolitan or regional medical providers absorbing local clinics and rural practices, and large retailers acquiring pharmacies, minute clinics, and urgent care facilities. As a result, many healthcare companies are now competing with retailers for business.

This competition may be good for the customers (i.e., the patients) who are demanding higher levels of care and a better overall experience. This could mean better access to new diagnostic tests, test results, and specialists who may be located far from the patient’s location. Healthcare providers need to work toward providing the same care and experience to customers in their main facilities as they do in distributed clinics, urgent care centers, and rural offices.

This paper will discuss how the introduction of SD-WAN will:

  • Decrease IT environment complexity
  • Increasing number of connected devices using IoT
  • Connect geographically dispersed locations
  • Ensuring security traffic across the entire WAN