A primer for technical and business professionals

This book, by VMware technical product managers Rohan Naggi and Ferdinand Sales, is intended for any professional interested in gaining greater insight into the terms, concepts, and issues related to the ongoing evolution of security and networking. It has been developed for a range of readers: the executive seeking to understand how their business is changing, the IT leader responsible for driving the transition, and the technologist designing and implementing change. Upon conclusion of the book, the reader should have a better and deeper understanding of:

  • The state of enterprise technology today – legacy systems and networks, cloud compute and service providers, hybrid operating models
  • The ongoing evolution to hybrid models, bringing together disparate data center and cloud components under a single policy and security management umbrella
  • The individual components that make up networking and security ecosystems and how they come together to form an intrinsic security solution
  • The path to move enterprise networking and security blueprints towards SASE architecture
  • How the integration of SD-WAN and SASE will address latency, performance, and global policy
  • The technical foundations, operational concerns, and business benefits of the SASE model and VMware SASE™