VMware SD-WAN Edge 510-LTE

Model Number: Edge 510-LTE-AE, Edge 510-LTE-AP

The Edge provides:

  • Up to four configurable WAN or LAN connections via four RJ-45 GbE connectors, Wireless WAN connection via an integrated LTE modem, Wireless LAN connection via an integrated 802.11ac Wi-Fi module
  • Two USB 2.0 connectors to support external wireless LTE modems for additional WAN connections

For full install manual and associated safety -regulatory statements visit: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-SD-WAN/index.html#all-sdwan-guides-2

The EU Declaration of Conformity is available at the following internet address: https://sase.vmware.com/resources/edge-declaration-of-conformity.

The following two sections provide front and back panel descriptions of the SD-WAN Edge 510-LTE:

Front Panel Light

The SD-WAN Edge 510-LTE has one indicator light on the front panel (Service Indicator). See description below.

Service Indicator

Displays the status of the WAN connection and the VMware SD-WAN service. The light has the following status colors:

  • Red- There is no active WAN connection.
  • Yellow - There is an Internet connection, but the Edge has not been activated.
  • Green - The Edge has been activated.
  • Blue - The Edge is functioning standby in a High Availability (HA) configuration.

The Service Indicator is also used to indicate some system functions in progress:

  • White – Initial power-on and boot sequence.
  • Flashing blue – A system reset, or a software update is in progress.
  • Flashing white – Identifies a function invoked from the SD-WAN Orchestrator

Back Panel and Side Connections

List of Back Panel and Side Connections

1. Antennas – The two antennas (MAIN and AUX SMA connectors) are included in the box.

2. Power Connections - The power connection is threaded, so the power cord can be secured to the box. The power specifications for the AC/DC power adapter are:

A. AC Input: 100 – 240V, 50-60Hz
B. DC Output: 12V (i.e., the threaded input to the SD-WAN Edge)

3. Wired LAN/WAN (configurable) Connections – The RJ45 connectors provide four gigabit Ethernet connections.

4. GPS Antenna – This is optional (not included with product).

5. Reset Button - Resets the Edge to factory settings.

6. SIM Access - Remove the Phillips screw on the door for SIM Access. Two SIM slots are available. However, only use the lower SIM slot, and insert contacts facing up

The Edge has the following side panel connections:

  • Wireless WAN Connections – One internal LTE modem and two external USB 2.0 connections are used for USB Wireless WAN modems. (Two external USB 2.0 connections are located on either side of the Edge can be used for USB Wireless WAN modems).
  • Kensington Lock – The Edge provides a standard Kensington lock receptacle (cable not included).

Network Configuration

Edge 510-LTE can be configured in both standalone and high availability (HA) mode.

User Interface:

The Edge Web user interface (UI) can be accessed at or http://edge.velocloud.net

The Edge UI includes local web pages (Overview, Properties, Diagnostics, and Reset Settings) that provide troubleshooting functions and information about the interfaces.

Important Note:

The UI should only be used for initial configuration and troubleshooting when the Internet is not available. Do not use the Edge UI during normal operations as information and configurations are available in the SD-WAN Orchestrator. By default, LAN access to this interface will be blocked once the SD-WAN Edge is activated.

Edge Overview

The Edge Overview page displays the status of your WAN and LAN connections. The top half of the screen displays a diagram of the device. If connections are active, green indicator lights will display on the hardware diagram. Next to the device image are two buttons, Overview and Details. Click the Details button to display WAN and LAN connection status information.

Underneath the device diagram, the status of the WAN and LAN connections display. In this area, you can change the display from Connected, Both, or Unconnected by clicking the respective buttons.

NOTE: As shown in the image below, Cell 1 is activated. However, Cell 1 will not display as active until you plug in an activated SIM card in the SIM slot.

Cellular Interface Properties

If you click the cellular connection from the Overview page, a properties page for that connection appears (see image below). From the Properties page, you can view status information and make changes to the connection's properties. For example, you can specify an APN for the interface, and enter service credentials. When you finish making changes to the properties, click the Save Changes button.


After you click the Save Changes button, you will be prompted to enter credentials. When prompted, type in the default credentials, admin for the username and admin for the password.

To return to the previous screen, click the << Return button.


The Diagnostics page provides several diagnostic tests including:

  • LTE Modem properties (such as module information, phone number, revision, etc.)
  • Basic monitoring information (such as bandwidth, signal strength, service, and GPS coordinates)
  • Some basic control buttons such as RESET
  • Pinging external IP addresses (e.g. google.com) to determine basic network connectivity
  • Evaluating the connectivity from the Edge to the VMware SD-WAN Service
  • Click the Run button to run a diagnostic test. You can also download the device diagnostic bundle by clicking the appropriate button on the screen.

SD-WAN Edge Reset Settings

The Reset Settings page has buttons to initiate the following functions:

  • Identify - Flashes the Edge lights for 30 seconds to help you locate the SD-WAN Edge.
  • Restart Service - Restarts the VMware SD-WAN service.
  • Reboot - Initiates a reboot of the Edge. When the service light illuminates again, the Edge has completed the reboot process.
  • Reset Configuration - Returns the Edge to an inactivated state: the cloud services are turned off, the Edge is no longer associated with a cloud managed configuration, and the initial default configuration is applied.

SD-WAN Edge Reset Default Credentials

When you click an Edge Reset setting (see section above), you will be prompted to enter credentials. When prompted, type in the default credentials (username: admin, password: admin). Once the SD-WAN Edge is activated, you can manage the local credentials from the navigation panel in the SD-WAN Orchestrator (Configure > Edge > Overview).