Learn how cloud security works

Enterprises see a significant shift from on-premises security towards cloud security when they access SaaS applications. On-premises security will never go away, but with fewer guarantees for direct inspection (e.g., IoT devices), it is important for the complete environment to be secured through comprehensive, real-time inspection.

Learn how cloud security is defined, the best ways to implement it, and the answers to these common questions:

  • How do cloud security solutions differ from today’s on-premises security infrastructure?
  • What are the components of cloud security?
  • Why is cloud security about more than simply technology?

This white paper is part of a series adapted and updated from the book Journey into the World of SASE, by VMware technical product managers Rohan Naggi and Ferdinand Sales (VMware Press, April 2021). We’ve broken the book into shorter, easier-to-consume papers. Whether you read individual papers or the whole book, the goal is to help you understand your company’s journey to SASE: why SASE is important, how it works, and what you need to know to implement it successfully.

Download the full book here.