… take all of that data, put it together, learn my environment, and then point me in the right direction, if not offer an outright solution.
Mike Fitzgerald, Senior Data Network Engineer, Brandeis University

The Brandeis University network constantly generates reams of data, and the volume can be a challenge. Manually sifting through each relevant log and data point when a network problem happens would be nearly impossible. Without a single source of truth to establish baselines for normal operations, university IT lacks visibility, and that hampers their ability to remediate issues when they occur. VMware Edge Network IntelligenceTM (formerly Nyansa Voyance) shows Brandeis a clear picture of network activity through all layers and helps them eliminate guesswork. Brandeis IT can not only fix problems faster, but analytics help them predict and prevent future network problems.

Business Needs

  • Lacked a single tool that could establish a baseline for normal network activity
  • Traditional network analysis tools were siloed, unable to show a high-level network view
  • Had no way to determine how user experiences were affected, other than help desk calls


  • Brandeis IT has a clear picture of the entire network across all layers
  • VMware Edge Network Intelligence can determine root causes and even suggest solutions
  • Faster time to resolution and the ability to mitigate problems before they occur ultimately benefits the teachers, staff and students in the university community

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About Brandeis University

Industry: Education

Headquarters: Waltham, MA

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