Centrally Configured and Managed

Simply power on and connect to the Internet. The Edge is authenticated with business policies managed by the Orchestrator—no need for IT staff on site.

Link Monitoring and Remediation

Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ on the link connecting VMware SD-WAN Edges to VMware SD-WAN Gateways or to other Edges offers real-time link monitoring, remediation, and packet steering over multiple links – maintaining the desired quality of experience.


Per-App Rules, End-to-End Segmentation

The VMware SD-WAN Edge logically aggregates underlying WAN links to give mission-critical applications the bandwidth they need. These Edges are instrumental in differentiating and prioritizing among over 3000 applications based on business intent.


Simple Policy-Based Service Insertion

Flexible security options cater to your business requirements. Each SD-WAN Edge has a built-in stateful firewall capability. Specific Edge models support deployment of a third-party firewall as a virtual network function (VNF). VMware SD-WAN's architecture makes it possible to configure business policies to direct applications to cloud security providers, or to the data center to use a central firewall service.

Deployment Options

VMware SD-WAN Edges are zero-touch deployment, centrally managed appliances delivering ease-of-use and accessibility to users working from anywhere – without a truck roll or IT staff visit.

Hardware Appliance

The VMware SD-WAN Edge is available as a hardware-based appliance and a virtual appliance. It can also be loaded in a virtual machine on a server or as a VNF.


Virtual Edge Appliance on Cloud

Virtual VMware SD-WAN Edges are available off-cloud or on leading cloud providers. When a policy change is made, the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator pushes the policy to the Edge for implementation.


As we grow, the Meriplex fully-managed solution is able to quickly and easily turn up a new branch so we can start servicing customers immediately.
Rick Rader, IT Director, Myron Steves