Simplified Operations

VMware SD-WAN includes cloud-based gateways and an orchestration platform, eliminating the management overhead normally required to maintain these components. 


Get a competitive advantage with cloud hosted VMware SD-WAN Gateways deployed worldwide to deliver an optimal path for front-door access to SaaS and IaaS providers.

Assured Application Performance

VMware SD-WAN can identify and prioritize traffic for over 3,000 applications during degraded network conditions on a WAN path.

Intrinsic Security

Flexible security options include stateful firewalls, VNFs, and configurable business policies that direct traffic to the cloud or data center.

Product Components

VMware SD-WAN is a SaaS solution that incorporates three major components including the VMware SD-WAN Edge, VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, and VMware SD-WAN Gateways.


The VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator is the central management platform for configuration and management of VMware SD-WAN.


Gateways are co-located worldwide with top-tier cloud PoPs, the nearest entry point to applications located in SaaS, IaaS, and data centers. 

SD-WAN Edges

Edges are offered in a physical form factor, on a uCPE at a branch location, in software as a virtual edge, or in a public cloud instance. 


Performance and Reliability

VMware SD-WAN enables economical expansion of bandwidth with enterprise-grade performance needed for the most critical and demanding applications.

Network of Clouds

Deliver optimal, secure, automated access to IaaS, SaaS, UCaaS, and more to dynamically sequence cloud services including application, security, mid-mile, and analytics.

Virtual Services

The VMware SD-WAN solution supports a platform to host multiple virtualized network functions to eliminate single-function appliances and reduce branch IT complexity.

Automation and Orchestration

The VMware SD-WAN solution automates branch deployment with link characteristics discovery and provides granular visibility for real-time network and application monitoring.


VMware SD-WAN is offered as a subscription service and sized for SD-WAN adoption to fit customers plans for WAN migration. 


  • Pricing is based on bandwidth tiers to meet a wide range of branch, home, or data center needs to accommodate different sites with varying bandwidth requirements or constraints.
  • Attractive pricing options for a pay-as-you-grow approach, whether it is about expanding to new sites or adding new capabilities.
  • Hardware, software and service pricing is structured to work with CAPEX and OPEX budgets, and service needs based on criticality.
VMware’s SD-WAN platform has helped unify a formerly disparate network, adding increased visibility and management that wasn’t present before.
Mike Howell, Global Infrastructure Engineering Manager, Rentokil Initial

Five Years In a Row!

For 2022, VMware is a leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for SD-WAN for the fifth consecutive year.

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Solution Overview

Achieve Assured Application Performance with VMware SD-WAN WFH


Large-scale SD-WAN Deployment: How do you roll out 9000 edges in 9 days?


Deploy VMware SD-WAN in 2 minutes!


Your crash course in SD-WAN


VMware SD-WAN uses Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ to handle traffic from over 3,000 applications across WAN links. It remediates brownouts and blackouts and improves performance to remediate packet loss, jitter, and latency. The optimization capabilities ensure reliable and efficient access to applications independent of the underlying WAN transport mechanisms such as MPLS, private link, DSL, cable, and 3G/4G LTE.

VMware SD-WAN performs per-packet duplication of real-time traffic like voice, video, VDI and IoT. The per-packet handling of traffic as opposed to flow-based handling eliminates resets of ongoing sessions for voice and video users. This action is taken based on active checks performed on the WAN path, providing always-on monitoring with dynamic remediation.

VMware SD-WAN strives to use low-latency paths for latency-sensitive business applications from multiple paths when available. VMware SD-WAN Gateways located worldwide provide the most optimal on-ramp to SaaS and IaaS provider locations. The solution ensures that users get an exceptional experience when accessing applications anywhere in the cloud from any location, using any device.

VMware SD-WAN Edges are designed as self-service appliances. Once powered on at the branch or at home by a non-IT user, the Edge communicates with the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator to handle traffic associated with over 3,000 applications. Any time a policy change is made, the Orchestrator pushes the policy to the Edge for implementation. No IT visit is required to the branch or home office.

VMware SD-WAN takes into consideration all available bandwidth from WAN links at the VMware SD-WAN Edge. Unlike traditional scenarios where WAN links are used in an active-standby role, VMware SD-WAN uses all available connections unless an explicit business policy calls for a subset of the links to be used.

VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator provides central policy and management, eliminating the need to locally manage edge sites. This helps network administrators obtain a complete view of the SD-WAN network while gaining visibility at a granular level for specific applications at any given site.