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Accelerate Workload Migration and Simplify User Connectivity to Azure VMware Solution

Accelerate workload migration from data centers to Azure VMware Solution, simplify operations and offer a consistent experience to users, no matter their location, leveraging Azure Virtual WAN.

Accelerate & Optimize Connectivity to Azure Workloads

Build networks for optimized cloud access by creating a virtual cloud network architecture that connects all locations to Azure. Enterprises use Microsoft’s expansive global vWAN and vWAN Hubs with VMware SD-WAN™ to simplify configuration, security, and last-mile internet connectivity.


Compute at the Edge for Latency-Sensitive Applications & Workloads

Azure Edge Zones provides enterprises with compute at the edge. By deploying VMware SD-WAN across all Azure Edge Zones, latency-sensitive applications can be identified and steered to the nearest Azure Edge compute location enabling real-time analytics and ML. Once deployed, enterprises can manage all SD-WAN Edge VNFs using a single VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator.


Supercharge App Performance with VMware SD-WAN and Microsoft 365

VMware SD-WAN combines the operational simplicity and economics of a self-healing overlay to optimize connectivity to your business-critical Microsoft 365 applications. The VMware SD-WAN Edge differentiates and applies customizable business policies, set by the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, to Microsoft 365 traffic in accordance with Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles.  


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