Risks of Ignoring PCI Compliance

The VMware SD-WAN architecture for PCI compliance provides a robust end-to-end compliance solution to properly protect sensitive cardholder data and to protect the business.

Prone to Infringement

If not properly managed, security is at stake for transmitting, storing, handling, or accepting credit card data.

Payment Restrictions

Partners can place restrictions on non-compliant organizations, limiting exposure and growth.

Lack of Standardized Industry Norms

Different and non-aligned security measures create gaps and liability for fines and penalties.

Negative Effect on Brand Value

Loss of consumer confidence and trust are just some of the after-effects of a data breach.



Protect Customer Data against Breaches

VMware SD-WAN is one of a few solutions to offer PCI certification, with cloud-delivered SD-WAN services.

Secure Foundation

Customers can build and maintain a secure SD-WAN network, protect data, implement strong access control and change management, and monitor network security.

Certified PCI Components

All VMware SD-WAN components - VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, VMware SD-WAN Controller, VMware SD-WAN Edge and VMware SD-WAN Partner Gateway - meet PCI requirements.

Simple Yet Strong

VMware SD-WAN offers a simple, cost-effective means of achieving PCI compliance, held to the strict standards of a Level 1 PCI audit.


Cloud-managed VMware SD-WAN makes it easy and cost effective to deploy, monitor, and verify PCI-compliant networks across distributed networks of any size.

Reach Compliance Faster

Retailers can use VMware SD-WAN’s Attestation of Compliance (AOC) to simplify and accelerate their own PCI audit process.

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