Growth Pace

Traditional MPLS takes too long to provision for companies that are adding locations, or remote workers, quickly.


Infrastructure Cost

Enterprises don’t want to just throw away the networks they have invested in over time. Rip-and-replace is costly and disruptive to the business.


Scaling VPNs

VPNs become harder to scale and manage the more sites and remote workers a company adds.


Segmentation and Integration

As companies grow by acquisition, they must segment traffic to keep lines of business separate, and/or integrate new companies’ technology into their networks.


Benefits of SD-WAN

Overlay Function

VMware SD-WAN operates as an overlay to the existing network. Turn up new branches quickly without affecting stability or configuration of existing infrastructure.


Preserving Investment

With an SD-WAN overlay on top of existing transport, applications and access remain the same and use either the site’s existing transport link or a new link.



Zero touch deployment, monitoring and management lets you deploy sites without a truck roll. We have experience deploying over 9000 sites in just 9 days!


Simple Segmentation

Using the SD-WAN central multi-tenant orchestrator, it’s easy to move sites to a new, separate SD-WAN, or establish new connections between locations.