MPLS Challenges

MPLS is reliable and efficient but is not optimized for enterprises embracing the cloud.

Expensive Bandwidth

Businesses need bandwidth to grow. MPLS requires significant lead time to plan, procure, and install – or may not be available at all.

Inefficient Cloud Access

With no direct access to cloud resources from the branch, traffic is backhauled through the enterprise data center with heavy performance penalties.


Complex Deployment & Management

MPLS branch deployments are expensive, complex, and slow, and lack agility for mobile or temporary sites or to scale to multiple sites.

Rigid Security Options

MPLS architecture is challenged by traffic flowing to many changing “off-network” destinations such as cloud-based or SaaS sites, or branch-to-branch traffic.


More About SD-WAN vs MPLS

Leverage Cost-Efficient Bandwidth

With SD-WAN, supplement or replace existing MPLS links with cost-efficient internet connectivity. Deliver a network overlay with multiple links to form a unified pool of bandwidth.

  • Provide high-performance connections at internet price points
  • Eliminate backhaul penalties of traditional MPLS networks
  • Enable rapid branch network scalability without expensive MPLS links and expensive bandwidth


Secure and Optimize Cloud Traffic

Create a scalable, secure, reliable cloud network independent of underlying transport links.

  • Optimize traffic to other cloud-based destinations by building software-defined encrypted tunnels when and where needed, dynamically steering traffic, and using cloud-based CPE and gateways
  • Use standards-based encryption, such as AES, for secure connectivity over any type of transport

Flexibly Deploy and Centrally Manage the Network

Reduce complexity and easily deploy, scale, and manage the branch network. Expand and automate with new levels of IT efficiency.

  • Decrease branch office provisioning time with automated zero-touch deployment
  • Enable central WAN management from the cloud with global visibility and remediation control
  • Provide automation, outcome-driven policies, and end-to-end analytics for business agility

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