Why VMware Secure Access?

As business-critical applications move to the cloud and users are increasingly mobile, a new security strategy must be deployed to enable work from anywhere.


VMware Secure Access™ is delivered through our VMware SASE PoP network across 100+ global locations, operated by VMware and 120+ service provider partners, with VMware Workspace ONE on over 40 million devices.
Consistent, Secure Access

Consistent, Secure Access

Users are always connected to enterprise apps, anywhere. Customizable per-client app policies can be fine-tuned and additional authentication is available.

Dynamic Multipath Optimization

Dynamic Multipath Optimization™

As traffic integrates into the SD-WAN overlay, VMware DMPO reduces latency, packet loss, and jitter and improves bandwidth use.

Productive User Experience

Productive User Experience

Remote access clients connect automatically to the nearest VMware SD-WAN cloud service. Fast, secure access creates better end user experiences.

Efficient IT Teams

Efficient IT Teams

SD-WAN automatically manages network and scaling across multiple regions. IT teams have more time to focus on business-critical responsibilities.

Secure Access Architecture

VMware Secure Access brings off-premises (remote and mobile) users into the enterprise VMware SD-WAN fabric for access to cloud and data center-hosted applications.
Secure Access Architecture Diagram

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